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XFCI & Ginseng Premium


Signature of exclusive partnership XFCI – Geumsan Dukwon

XFCI was created in 2012 to meet the demands of high quality food supplement products, that is benefiting from clinical trials and/or from patents demonstrating their efficiency.

The European Pharmacopoeia recommends ginseng if it can demonstrate several criteria of quality and we are committed to strictly respect these criteria.

Ginseng that can offer health benefits is Korean Ginseng, Panax ginseng Meyer, over 6 years of age and for which only roots are used.

When all these criteria are met, the finished product contains sufficient concentrations of ginsenosides (active ingredient of Ginseng) and the right types of ginsenosides to achieve the desired effects. Several products available on the market are made of Chinese or American Ginseng. These products are prepared with leaves or mixtures of leaves and roots. Most of the time these finished products contains only very low levels of ginsenosides (Rg1, Rb1, Rg3 especially). .

I created Ginseng Premium to meet this need and because as a physician, previously working in the pharmaceutical industry, I have seen too many poor quality ginseng products. Having the opportunity to travel regularly to South Korea and having established valuable contacts over the years I have built an exclusive partnership with high quality ginseng producers.

I provide you with the true Korean Ginseng and I guarantee the quality of my products.

I hope you enjoy our dedication to provide high quality products that meet your expectations and especially that our products will bring you the benefits you expect.

Thank you for your confidence.


Dr Xavier Fruneau,

Director XFCI & Ginseng Premium


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XFCI, healthcare specialist, is also working in partnership to distribute gynecology, urology and rheumatology products in many countries.