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With Ginseng Premium, the ginseng reflex is a reflex for your health

Ginseng is originally a South Korean plant with many benefits. Ginseng Premium has made pure products with the right dosage, for an effectiveness that meets expectations.
Published on 11/01/21
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A better immunity with a natural solution: Black Ginseng!

Ginseng has been used for health in Asia for more than 2000 years and has had time to prove itself. Energy, circulation, memory and sexuality benefit from the stimulating effect of Ginseng. Immunity, which interests us all in this period of epidemic, has also been studied and several publications demonstrate the strengthening of the body’s defense mechanisms thanks to Ginseng (1) and more particularly Black Ginseng.
By Xavier Fruneau, July 2020
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Improve your blood pressure with Black Ginseng

For 2000 years, especially in Asia, ginseng has been recognized as a plant with many health benefits: it stimulates memory and intellectual performance, tones the body, stimulates immunity and improves blood circulation.
By Xavier Fruneau, 21/10/18
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Get your energy back with ginseng!

With summer, sunshine and rest, you feel great and here come harder times for your body: autumn, winter, soon the cold, less exercise, a little too much food, alcohol or even tobacco, all factors of stress and fatigue for the body. There is a simple and natural way to keep in shape and tone up: take a cure of Black or Red Ginseng this fall and during the winter!
By Xavier Fruneau, October 2017
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Better memory, greater spirit, thanks to Black Ginseng !

Always worrying the too long moment when one seeks the name of someone lost to sight, a film
title seen recently, an actor or the name of the small village visited during the last vacation
… that’s where we begin to wonder: and if … I was starting to decline ? …..
By Xavier Fruneau, July 2017
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Ginseng, Erection, Libido: what should we believe?

Ginseng and sexuality have long been linked. The use of ginseng in Asia for over 2000 years has
given time to create “ginseng legends” about health. Personalities are mentioned, who would
have benefited from the particular virtues of ginseng or would have been relieved in serious
circumstances, all this told with a touch of exoticism could sometimes make believe in a miracle
By Xavier Fruneau, 15/03/17
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Culture, characteristics: why is Korean Ginseng a Premium Ginseng?

Ginseng has been used to improve health for over 1500 years in Asia. There is some
Ginseng first in Korea (Panax Meyer species), then other species in China (Panax species
notoginseng), North America (Panax quinquefolius species) and Japan (Panax species
By Xavier Fruneau, 22/02/17
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