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Red or Black which one to choose ?

• RED GINSENG, GINSENG BLACK, which one to choose ?

Korean Red Ginseng is the best known traditional ginseng. It has been the subject of numerous clinical studies which have demonstrated its interest in health and the Korean Ginseng is recognized as having several faculties. It improves cerebral circulation and intellectual performance. It strengthens natural defenses and immunity, which is useful at the time of the ills of winter. It stimulates sexuality by strengthening the erection in men and improving libido in women after menopause.

The Korean Black Ginseng is much more recent and still very hard to find in Europe. It comes from the latest researches from the Korean University. Thanks to a unique method of preparation the principe is to enhance the composition of the ginseng. Black ginseng is reinforced in many active ingredients – ginsenosides Rg3, Rg5, Rk1 etc.- which make it even more stimulating on the brain performance, on the memory, on the vessels and on sexuality.