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Cultivation of Korean Ginseng


Ginseng harvesting requires attention and time. To obtain a high quality of ginseng extract the plant must grow for a minimum of 6 years . It is harvested in the fall of the 6th year!

Then the ground must then rest for 2 years. Typically these two years are spent growing rice on land which allow the earth to rest and renew itself.

A field of ginseng grown under good rules does not provide usable roots once every 8 years! This is why high quality ginseng’s cost remains high.


Once harvested the ginseng root is washed, dried, and then subjected to steam: once for red ginseng, 9 times for black ginseng.

transformation racine de ginseng


Our new factory is approved by the Korean KFDA and the FDA (USA). Our facilities allow to manufacture high-purity extracts in optimal conditions.

Our black ginseng manufacturing techniques provide extracts with a greater amount of certain ginsenosides.


XFCI works in partnership with a cooperative of 10 Korean farms that are audited for quality testing every year and submitted to the Korean program GAP (Good Agricultural Practices).

This program is run by the Korean authorities to improve the quality of crops, including restricting the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

All our products are tested and analyzed to guarantee one of the best production of South Korea.