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The origins of ginseng

In Asia, Korean ginseng is a medicinal plant that has been used for over 2000 years.
The roots of Korean ginseng are used for its therapeutic qualities.
It is a perennial plant that must be several years old before harvesting. Korean ginseng is found mainly in the mountainous areas of Korea.
These plants grown for traditional medicine are harvested after four to six years, which is the ideal time to obtain the maximum properties of the Korean ginseng roots.
The field must then rest for 2 years, so it is only harvested every 8 years, which explains the high price for a red Korean ginseng that meets the quality standards.

Why choose Ginseng Premium products ?

We want to give you access to effective herbal solutions, prepared in accordance with the regulations and standards in place in Europe but keeping the Korean methods and traditions. Only extracts of the highest purity are proposed to you.
Because we know that some people prefer infusions and others prefer nutritional supplements in solid form, we present our black ginseng and our Korean red ginseng in different forms: teabags, bottles, etc. and remain at your disposal for any questions regarding its use.
Our Premium Ginseng guarantee gives you precise indications on the origin of our products: you can be sure that your ginseng has been grown in South Korea, in one of the farms certified by the Chamber of Commerce and in compliance with the most demanding Korean standards: GAP (Good Agricultural Practice). We are therefore committed to providing you with extracts from 4 to 6 year old ginseng roots only. Imported with great care, these extracts retain all their benefits and bring you vitality day after day.
Do not hesitate to ask us about the cultivation of ginseng and the manufacture of our products !