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Ginseng Premium’s Quality Guarantee

Quality Features

The taste and properties of the best Korean ginseng.

Recommended daily dosages corresponding to the doses used in clinical studies which have demonstrated the effectiveness of our ginseng.

A high concentration of ginsenosides for the finish products, two qualities of extracts:
  • Red Ginseng : Rb1, Rg1 : 6-13 mg/g (average of 8 mg/g)
  • Black Ginseng : 3 times as concentrated in Rg3

Two presentations:

  • Liquid extract
  • Powder extract

Our commitment to quality

Partnership with a co-operative of 10 farms in South Korea. The production is exclusively regional, certified by the Chamber of commerce.

To ensure the highest quality of our finished products, only crops from our farms are used without adjunction of products coming from other regions or countries (common practice…).

Crops are optimized, controlled and certified by Korean standards GAP (Good Agricultural Practice)

Growth takes place exclusively in South Korea

Only 6-year old roots are used for the active ingredient extraction.

Plant de ginseng agé de 6 ans

Exclusive partnership XFCI Ginseng Premium/Factory for the importation of high quality extracts validated and certified according to:

  • GMP KFDA / ISO 14001 / ISO 22000.
  • Factories audited by the FDA USA and listed on the FDA list.