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Quality and requirements

• Quality : what you should require :

The quality of cultivation, extraction, traceability and standardization are all of paramount importance for ginseng.
Indeed, checks on products containing ginseng often leave something to be desired, both on the age of ginseng, on the concentration of the different active ingredients and on the absence of phytosanitary products. Too often, products grown in countries with less stringent legislation than the EU do not provide the quality criteria that should match the promises of the product purchased. What should you check?

First of all you are sourcing from a serious importer:

– Which only harvest after 6 years, thus guaranteeing a sufficient concentration of ginsenosides ! This excludes intensive Chinese or American cultures …

That your product is sufficiently dosed ! To benefit from the properties of ginseng you need the equivalent of 3g of plant per day. That is the average dosage in the clinical studies that have demonstrate the good results with the Korean Ginseng. This means at least 1g of good origin extract or … if the product contains only plant powder, a dozen capsules or ampoules per day … below these doses you will have to rely on the placebo effect ! ….

– That the ginseng extract inside your product comes from an area where the cultivation is monitored and improved from year to year: the GAP standards of our ginseng are a guarantee of healthy culture. If the product does not indicate the origin of ginseng … mistrust!