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Health benefits of Korean Ginseng

Vasculars effects

One of the main properties of ginseng is to improve the quality of the vessels and to allow better circulation.

The mechanism is well known and identified. Ginseng promotes the release of nitric oxide (NO) that facilitates the vasodilation of the blood vessels and this without any side effect.

Brain performances

The beneficial action of ginseng on brain activity was demonstrated and published. Ginseng stimulates cerebral irrigation and improves brain performance and memory.

EFSA has recognized the qualities of ginseng in these terms: “ginseng helps maintain brain performance, participates in the functioning of memory and contributes to a good response and high morale”.


For men : the vasodilating action of ginseng on the blood vessels allows a better erection by stimulating the blood circulation of the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

This effect has been shown in double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies that have been published in international journals which allowed ginseng to obtain in Europe the official claim by EFSA: “helps improve erections and maintain good sexual relations”.

For women : Ginseng has shown that it could help boost libido after menopause.

Antioxydants Effects

The high level of concentration of ginsenosides contained in Korean Ginseng gives an anti-oxidant action demonstrated and published in numerous studies.

As such ginseng protects the body from external actions and free radicals and got EFSA official allegation: “Is a source of antioxidants and contributes to the protection of cells”.


Korean ginseng has shown its positive effect within the immune system by strengthening the body’s defenses and by stimulating natural defenses.

Work in this field resulted in the publication of clinical studies and EFSA has recognized the action of ginseng. The official claim is that ginseng “contributes to natural defences and proper functioning of the immune system”.


Ginseng is involved in glucose metabolism. Clinical studies have shown its beneficial effects on glycemic control.

Published works have allowed the following allegations by EFSA: “helps maintain a normal level of blood glucose and helps improve control of blood sugar with insulin”.

Vitality, energy

Ginseng has long been traditionally used as a general stimulant of the body.
Recent studies have shown that ginseng helps to maintain a good level of physical activity and feel good energy resources. Ginseng provides better vitality and helps to acquire a good physical and mental condition.