Korean Black Ginseng Extract box 2 bottles 50g


For 3 months

100% extract of Korean ginseng panax roots, for a 3 months cure. Stimulates memory, brain performance, circulation. To regain energy, form and a lively spirit!
  • - High saponin content: 80 mg/g.
  • - Ginsenosides Rb1, Rg1, Rg3: 6 mg/g.
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Black Ginseng is an exclusivity of our company. The special method of preparation of the extract increases the concentration of ginsenosides Rg3, Rg5, Rk1, which are directly involved in brain performance, memory, sexual mechanisms and vitality.

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Our Korean Black Ginseng Extract comes from the Geumsan region, enjoying the climate and ideal conditions for growing ginseng.
Our cultures are certified GAP (Good Agricultural practices) which guarantee natural working techniques, the reduction of pesticides and our factory is approved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

The reinforcement in ginsenosides of black ginseng allows it to have an even more stimulating action on:
Brain performance: by improving cerebral circulation and memory processes.
Sexuality: by stimulating blood circulation, improving the quality of the vessel wall and helping the proper metabolism of testosterone.

Conseils d’utilisation :
Dilute a spoonful of extract (1g) in a cup of hot water once a day.
1g spoon supplied with the product.


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Product Composition

100% Panax Ginseng Roots C.A.Meyer six years old, grown in South Korea using traditional methods and certified GAP (Good Agricultural Practices).

Nutrition fact for 1 g / j
Calories 1.5 Kcal
Sugar less than 1g
Proteins 0
Lipids 0
Sodium 0
Total saponines 80 mg/g 80 mg for 1 g

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