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Ginseng, Erection, Libido: what should we believe?

Ginseng, Erection, Libido: what should we believe?

Article published on consoGlobe website on 15/03/17 Link to the article (french)

Ginseng and sexuality have long been linked. The use of ginseng in Asia for over 2000 years has given time to create “ginseng legends” about health. Personalities are mentioned, who would have benefited from the particular virtues of ginseng or would have been relieved in serious circumstances, all this told with a touch of exoticism could sometimes make believe in a miracle cure…

So what about sexuality, erection and libido?

One thing is certain: ginseng has real health benefits. First of all in men, as far as erection is concerned; it is quite true that ginseng improves the process. How? Thanks to a well identified process, observed and described through scientific studies: by promoting the synthesis by cells and nerve transmissions of powerful vasodilator Nitric Oxide (NO) which relaxes the vessels, makes them more flexible and therefore promotes better blood flow.

This vasodilation stimulates the circulation of the cavernous bodies, real blood sponges inside the penis that allow and especially maintain the erection. This action is therefore well demonstrated. EFSA, the European body that regulates discourse around plants, has authorised ginseng to claim erectile enhancement.

This property of ginseng is interesting. Its mode of action can be compared to that of drugs (such as Viagra), with less “violence” because ginseng does not act immediately but in the medium term. It takes at least 15 days, 3 weeks to feel the first benefits.

The advantage is that it does not cause any side effects (which are far from harmless with drugs) and has a positive impact on the condition of the vessels and the quality of the walls. In the long term we improve the whole system!

And the libido? The famous Aphrodisiac effect!

Now that’s… yes… but! First of all, because libido is a complex phenomenon that depends on several factors. Worries, stress, which are good barriers to sexual appetite will not be solved by ginseng!

Desire, on the other hand, is modulated by chemical factors on which ginseng can have some influence… A hormone, testosterone, is responsible for libido in both men and women. In brain cells, testosterone has an effect that can be described as an aphrodisiac.

However, ginseng, especially Black Ginseng, which is very rare in Europe, stimulates testosterone metabolism. In both men and women, the increase in free testosterone will affect desire. As such, we can say that ginseng will have a positive influence on libido.

Provided you take the right dosage!

The last point that we will see in more detail in a future article is the dosage ! To benefit from a positive influence of ginseng on these sexual factors, you need a sufficient dose… The dose in clinical studies is 3 g of plants per day *, which very few manufacturers provide. Most offer 200 or 300 mg capsules, which means that it would take 10 to 15 capsules a day to reach 3 g!

The only way to be sure to absorb the right dose is to take the ginseng extract. A 1g extract (usually a liquid spoonful) is a concentrate that represents the equivalent of 3 to 5 g of plants; at this time one can expect positive effects.

In short, YES Ginseng can have a stimulating effect on sexuality if you use a well-dosed product !

Dr Xavier Fruneau

Sources and studies :

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