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Improve your blood pressure with Black Ginseng

Improve your blood pressure with Black Ginseng

Article published on the ConsoGlobe website on 21/10/18 Link to the article (french)

For 2000 years, especially in Asia, ginseng has been recognized as a plant with many health benefits: it stimulates memory and intellectual performance, tones the body, stimulates immunity and improves blood circulation.

Many consumers of black Ginseng, recently developed in Korea and considered as Premium Ginseng, have noticed an improvement in their blood pressure.
This is indeed perfectly explained because black ginseng improves the tonicity of the vessels. It stimulates the production of nitric oxide, naturally produced by the body, and this molecule helps to soften and dilate the blood vessels.

Black ginseng for a good blood pressure

The best quality Ginseng is grown in South Korea thanks to its ideal climate for the plant and the cultivation methods used in the country: reduction of chemical agents and respect for long growing periods (6 years!). Its many health-promoting properties have enabled Ginseng to be listed in the European Pharmacopoeia.

How can ginseng improve blood pressure?

This increase in nitric oxide will naturally fight against the pressure inside the vessels and therefore helps to regulate blood pressure; this without side effects and without risk for the patient who just needs to have his blood pressure checked during the first month of taking Ginseng and then adapt his possible treatment with his doctor.

It is not uncommon for people to be able to regulate blood pressure with the sole help of Ginseng, especially when consuming black ginseng. All these benefits for the kidneys and liver, which no longer have to filter the drugs concerned…

Black Ginseng is indeed enriched with an active ingredient of ginseng root, the ginsenoside Rg3. Among the 30 ingredients of ginseng Rg3 is the most useful active ingredient to improve blood pressure * and Black Ginseng contains 3 times more Rg3 than conventional ginseng.
Black Ginseng is therefore a good ally to naturally balance blood pressure and many clinical studies have shown its value **.


It is important, if we want to benefit from its interesting properties, to ensure the quality of the Ginseng we consume and the dosage of the product we absorb. The effects demonstrated by the studies were demonstrated with Korean Ginseng roots enriched with Rg3 (Black Ginseng) at a dose of at least 3g of plant per day (i.e. the content of a spoonful of 1g of concentrated extract).

Not all products on the market guarantee these criteria. Be vigilant !

Dr. Xavier Fruneau

Sources and studies:

* Kim N.D.,et al. Ginsenoside Rg3 inhibits phenylephrine-induced vascular contraction through induction of nitric oxide synthase.

** E. Jovanovski, et al. Effect of Rg3-enriched Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng) on arterial stiffness and blood pressure in healthy individuals.