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A better immunity with a natural solution: Black Ginseng!

Article published on the website La Santé Dans l’Assiette in July 2020 Link to the article (french)

Ginseng has been used for health in Asia for more than 2000 years and has had time to prove itself. Energy, circulation, memory and sexuality benefit from the stimulating effect of Ginseng. Immunity, which interests us all in this period of epidemic, has also been studied and several publications demonstrate the strengthening of the body’s defense mechanisms thanks to Ginseng (1) and more particularly Black Ginseng.

What are its benefits on immunity?

Black Ginseng stimulates the activity of the body’s defense cells (macrophages and lymphocytes) which have shown greater activity and increased production of antibodies, thus helping the body to better defend itself (1). The molecules of inflammation are also suppressed by Black Ginseng, which helps reduce the discomfort of the inflammatory reaction (1).

How to choose the right Ginseng?

Quality Ginseng is Korean. South Korea is the country best suited in terms of climate and soil for the cultivation of Ginseng. Quality standards to reduce the use of treatment products (pesticides, fertilizers etc.) have been defined by the government according to the GAP program (Good Agricultural Practices) and a certification can then be issued. Samsidae’s Premium Ginseng products are GAP certified.

Black Ginseng Cure – How to consume it?

When the Ginseng extract is of quality and well concentrated 1g per day is sufficient. 1 single teaspoon diluted in a cup of hot water provides a pleasant healthy drink full of health benefits. A minimum of 1 month is necessary to experience the benefits. Koreans take it all year round and find it very good!

Where does Black Ginseng come from?

Ginseng is cultivated in the mountains of South Korea, where the climate is the best for this plant. The Black Ginseng recently developed in South Korea benefits from a preparation technique that modifies its profile and gives it a different distribution of ginsenosides (Ginseng’s active ingredients). About ten of these ginsenosides are thus brought to concentrations different from those known in Red Ginseng and have allowed Black Ginseng to show interesting properties in immunity (2).

Dr Xavier Fruneau

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