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With Ginseng Premium, the ginseng reflex is a reflex for your health

Article published on Madame Figaro’s website on 11/01/21 Link to the article (french)

Ginseng is originally a South Korean plant with many benefits. Ginseng Premium has made pure products with the right dosage, for an effectiveness that meets expectations.

Coming straight from South Korea, real ginseng contains several treasures. Declined under several colors, this plant makes a name for itself everywhere in the world for its multiple properties. This is how Xavier Fruneau, a former doctor in the pharmaceutical industry, realized that the products marketed in France were too often underdosed. He therefore decided to create Ginseng Premium, an online store that offers Black Ginseng and Red Ginseng, of high quality and without any other ingredients to come and disturb the effectiveness of the product. “The product comes in a paste form, a bit like honey. A spoonful of this paste can be diluted very quickly in hot water to give a drink that tastes like liquorice,” explains Xavier Fruneau.

Amazing benefits for body and mind

This paste is obtained through the extraction of ginseng roots. Cooked once, these roots are transformed into red ginseng. To obtain black ginseng, no less than nine firings are necessary! Then, new active ingredients will be developed in order to confer a better action, for the black ginseng, on the memory and the vitality of the spirit. Both kinds of ginseng bring properties recognized by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). Premium Ginseng products have anti-aging benefits, while stimulating the immune system. “There are no side effects, only benefits,” adds Xavier Fruneau. So, just one cup of ginseng a day is enough to give yourself every chance of being in better health, especially in terms of stimulating immunity, anti-free radical effects, improving memory, circulation and erection for men.

A culture that respects the environment

To obtain the purest possible products, Ginseng Premium surrounds itself with South Korean suppliers who cultivate this plant with environmental awareness. Indeed, they limit the addition of fertilizers and treatments on their plants as much as possible to obtain a natural ginseng. The French online store therefore trusts GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified suppliers. Xavier Fruneau regularly tests the products he receives by an independent laboratory in order to verify the concentration of active ingredients in his ginsengs. “In five years, the quality has remained constant and optimal,” he says. Adopting ginseng on a daily basis is therefore a gesture for your health. And for authentic South Korean products, Premium Ginseng is becoming more and more popular in France and throughout Europe.

With the desire to offer new forms of ginseng always as qualitative as ever, Ginseng Premium also intends to develop in Europe. The French company is already well represented, from London to Hungary, including Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Italy.