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Get your energy back with ginseng!

Article published in the magazine Figaro Santé of October 2017.

With summer, sunshine and rest, you feel great and here come harder times for your body: autumn, winter, soon the cold, less exercise, a little too much food, alcohol or even tobacco, all factors of stress and fatigue for the body. There is a simple and natural way to keep in shape and tone up: take a cure of Black or Red Ginseng this fall and during the winter!

Ginseng is an adaptogenic plant

According to Nicolai Lazarev’s definition, an adaptogen is an “agent that enables an organism to counteract unfavorable physical, chemical or biological stress by generating non-specific resistance”. In other words, it means that Ginseng allows the body to prepare itself to better respond to different aggressions. And cold, alcohol, overeating, smoking are aggressive for the vessels, for the liver and reduce your energy potential.

Ginseng, but only when it is of good quality and consumed in the right dosage, is known to provide benefits in several areas:

  • It helps to improve circulation by aiding vasodilation and softening the vessels. It also helps to repair their walls. It is through this mechanism that it improves cerebral circulation and memory.
  • It also acts on the metabolism of sugars. It participates in the regulation of blood sugar levels by helping the secretion of insulin*. It will be useful during the festive season …
  • Ginseng will also help to resist microbial aggressions because it helps to strengthen immunity and fight infections**. This can be valuable when the body is tired in the middle of winter or a little worn out or simply when you are under stress.

Choosing quality ginseng

Ginseng will therefore help you get through the winter and help you repair the damage. However, it is necessary to be vigilant about the quality of the ginseng you order: the dosage and the origin of the product are fundamental. A capsule of plant powder or a sachet of ginseng tea will not contain as many active ingredients as a spoonful of 100% extract. The best ginseng is Korean ginseng, which contains twice as many active ingredients compared to products of Chinese or American origin …

Now Black Ginseng or Red Ginseng? Which one to choose?

If you want a general effect on tone, immunity, circulation, order Red Ginseng.
If you wish to focus your cure on memory, brain performance and help reduce sugar levels, choose Black Ginseng.

Dr. Xavier Fruneau

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