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Better memory, greater spirit, thanks to Black Ginseng !

Article published in the Figaro Santé magazine on July 2017.

Always worrying the too long moment when one seeks the name of someone lost to sight, a film title seen recently, an actor or the name of the small village visited during the last vacation … that’s where we begin to wonder: and if … I was starting to decline ? …..

The brain needs 2 things to function properly: vessels in good condition to be well irrigated and good energy (the neuromediators, who transmit the information).
From this duo circulation-neuromediators comes the performance that allows to react quickly.
With aging, less flexible vessels irrigate all the brain areas less well. It is also observed that the synthesis of neurotransmitters occurs less rapidly and in lesser amounts.

How can it be remedied it in a healthy and natural way?

Korean black ginseng can help maintain a high-quality brain system and improve intellectual abilities. Clinical trials show that Ginseng root extracts improve concentration, attention, and intellectual vivacity. These effects are due to the regulation by ginseng of these famous cerebral neurotransmitters known as Dopamine, Noradrenaline, Acetylcholine, involved in sleep, mood, attention, concentration. There is an acetylcholine deficiency in Alzheimer’s disease.

Black ginseng therefore has two beneficial effects on the brain

First, it protects brain functions by preventing the destruction of these neurotransmitters by the enzymes. The brain thus has more energy, it better and faster.
Then ginseng improves circulation: it helps to dilate the vessels and makes them more flexible. Blood circulates better, isolated areas are better irrigated. The mind is more lively and the memory more powerful.*

Recently scientific research has shown that black ginseng, newly developed in Korea, was particularly well suited for brain function. It contains rare active ingredients that promote the synthesis and protection of neurotransmitters and improves circulation in the vessels. **

The Black Ginseng will therefore help all those who wish for better intellectual performances and fight against:
Beginning disorders of memory,
Chronic stress, overwork,
Intellectual fatigue,
– And during examinations, for all those who are learning, in the period of acquisition of new knowledge,

Dr. Xavier Fruneau

Sources and studies:

* Bao HY et al, Memory enhancing and neuroprotective effects of selected ginsenosides.

** Kim EJ et al, Ginsenosides Rg5 and Rh3 protect scopolamine-induced memory deficits in mice.